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The sun is fading on the horizon
Darkness is filling the air around
Although the dark is not what it used to be
The light is not quite the same either

Fading whispers in the wind
Hide any form of meaning
Echoes surround my body
While the Julius river drifts slowly by

Soaring spirits sing above me
As rays of sunshine find my face
Like the last time I was here
I'm surrounded on all sides
Yet still so all alone

Leaves are falling slowly
While the bugs all dance around
And cause many ripples
In that slow drifting Julius river

What does it mean
To feel so all alone
Is it just a silence in your mind
Or when your feels so cold

My feet are getting tired
I think they need a rest now
I think they want to soak
In that soothing Julius river

The crow keeps on cawing
Out some crazy tale
My youthful in exuberance
Can't bear to hear again

The wind has started blowing
Downstream again
I'll take it as a sign to leave
As I glide down, the Julius river
written on a bridge overlooking a river
bettams Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hi this is a beatiful poem and photo from paula
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June 4, 2012
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